How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel And What Is A Subdomain

Today how do we create subdomain in cPanel and what is subdomain? You will learn about it which is given below in complete details.

How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

Note:- To create a subdomain, first you need to have cPanel

Here I have written some steps to Create a Subdomain, see and follow it, then you can Create a Subdomain.

Step1:- Login your cPanel

Search behind your domain name /cPanel ( then cPanel will open then enter username and password then cPanel will login.

Step2:- Click on Subdomain

If you login to cPanel, then a cPanel dashboard will open, scroll to it, then you will get the option of Subdomain inside the Domains, click on that Subdomain.

Step3:- Enter the name of the Subdomain you want and click on the create Button

If you click on the Subdomain, then the page of Create a Subdomain will open, enter the Domain name in it and click on the Create button.

Note:- If you click on the create button, then you will sleep the message of success.

Step4:- Open Your cPanel and Check New Subdomain

Subdomain created successfully.

What Is A Subdomain And Why Use Subdomain?

Subdomains are an important part of your main domain name. Subdomains that are created to organize and navigate the different sections of your website. You can create multiple Subdomains or child Domains on your main domain. which is absolutely free.

You can create a demo work in a Subdomain, as if a client wants to create a website, then by doing that work, you can create a Subdomain in your Domain and send that URL to it, in this way the Subdomain is very useful.


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