How to Take Full Screenshot in Chrome Browser

Welcome, today we learn How to Take a Full Screenshot in Chrome Browser.

Full Screenshot why is it Useful

A full Screenshot is of great use to us as if we are working on a website and we want its complete output in a photo, then a full Screenshot will be more useful to us. And sometimes we go to a website if we like its UI, even then we will use it.

How to Take a Full Screenshot in Chrome browser, Follow it here (step by step)

Step 1: Search GoFullPage in Google and Click First Website

First of all open Google and search GoFullPage then click on the first URL link

Step 2: CLick Add to Chrome Button

Then a new page will open in that click on add to chrome button

Step 3: Click Add Extension Button

Once downloaded, click on the Add Extension button

Step 4: Extension successfully added to your Chrome browser

Downloaded Successfully

Step 5: Choose you to want a full screenshot of the page, then click on the Camera button

You will now see the right side extension, in which the logo of the camera will have been added, from which we can take full-screen shots. On the page on which you want the screenshot, click on the button with Jake Camera and wait for a while, your screenshot is getting ready.


You can download the screenshot you have taken here in pdf and png files and you can save it by editing live and you can also do direct delete.

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