How to add Website in Google Search Console with Live Example

Welcome Today we are seeing How to add Website in Google Search Console with Live Example. step by step follow me.

How to Website add in Google Search Console

Step1 : Search ‘Google Search Console’.

Search Google Search Console in Google Then open First website.

Step2 : Click Strat Now Button

If you open the Google Search Console website, a new tab will open there, click on Start Now.

Step3 : Click Add Property Button

On the left side there will be a drop down of search property, click on it, then the button of add property will appear, click here.

Step4 : Enter Your Domain Name

Now a new model will open, in which you will have to enter your domain name, after that click on the Continue button.

Step5: Download This File

If you click on download then one. html extension file will be downloaded.

Note:- You will have to paste the downloaded file where the index file is on your website and then click on the Verify button.

Step6 : Click Done Button.

Congratulations your website has been added to Google Search Console.

Why add Website in Google Search Console?

To index website in google search console we need Needs to be added to Search Console. We benefit in SEO by adding a website to the search console. We can increase the rank score of our website by adding website in google search console.

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