How to create a backlink in

What is a simple and free Platform for Writing? is a Simple Writing Platform in which you can write and publish content for free.

Medium is totally different from the rest of the free blogging sites. It offers an important approach to content publication because it permits bloggers to jot what they’re regarding|hooked into |enthusiastic about|keen about|captivated with|obsessed with|addicted to|addicted to|dependent on|obsessed on|smitten by} while not having to worry about secret writing, design, domain, or different problems.

I would not use Medium as a primary blogging platform. you’ll use it as an additional channel to share your content; as an example, you’ll repurpose content from your existing weblog post and post it on Medium. That’s however most skilled bloggers use it.

You can post stories for the immense community of readers that visit Medium and find appreciation and feedback from them. it’s additionally attainable to connect with avid readers WHO area unit willing to pay money for quality content through the Medium Partner Program. This way, you’ll legitimatize your weblog posts whereas sharing your concepts and opinions with the world.

Start blogging with Medium, sign up, and share your content with the editorial team WHO analyzes them in step with their standards. If you produce quality content that follows their tips you’ll begin earning cash by attracting subscribers.

Create a backlink in

It is very easy to create a backlink. First of all, you have to sign up to Jay in You can do it directly from your Facebook, Twitter, apple id, or even google directly. Click on write story Now you also add title and paragraph If you want to make your article more attractive you can also add an image so that your blog goes viral. Now I will explain to you step by step below how to add backlinks. Let’s see how you can create a backlink on

Step1:- Click the Get started Button and Create a new account.

Create New Account

Step2:- Click your profile image.

Step3:- Click the Write story link.

Step3:- Enter your title and paragraph then you want a more attractive blog so are you add an image to the blog.

Step4:- Click publish Button.

Step5:- Done

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