How to Create Backlinks | What is a Backlink?

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are backlinks from one website to another. Backlinks are also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one-way links”. Google and other major search engines also consider backlinks. Pages with declining backlinks are in organic traffic search engine rankings.

Example:- Here I will create a backlink of my website in href in the content of another website.

Backlink add

The link provided orders me to go to the page of my website. This is called a backlink.

How many types of Backlinks are there?

There are two types of backlinks which are as follows

  1. Do Follow Backlink
  2. No Follow Backlink

Do Follow What is a Backlink?

Do-Follow Backlink means that if someone is responsible for the backlink of another website that the content in his website is all good you can see that website then such backlink is called two Do-Follow Backlink

No Follow What is a Backlink?

No-follow Backlink means that if someone is not responsible for the Backlink of another website, i.e. the backlink is created but you do not know what the website is like, you can go to that website at your own risk backlink is called a No-Follow Backlink.

Which plugin should be added to WordPress to create a NO-FOLLOW bank link.

To create a no-follow backlink, you need to add the Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin to WordPress. Adding that plugin can create a no-follow backlink when you create a backlink by selecting a no-follow backlink checkbox.

An Example of this is as follows.

How to Create Backlink?

Today I will tell you about some websites where you can create Backlinks to your website. I think this blog will help you create Backlinks.



How to create backlinks using Question Hub

First, sign up on the question hub website, then select the category on which your blog is located, then click on the submit button in the question and submit the URL link of your website. Doing so will become your backlink. I will put a screenshot that will give you an idea of creating a backlink in the question hub.

Step1:- Sign up and the new page Welcome to Question Hub will open. Now search the topic on your blog.

Search topic

Step2:- Now select the question related to your blog.

Select Question

Step3:- Copy the URL link of your blog and enter it here.

Click Submit Button

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