What is a Framework in Programming Language?

Framework means that all libraries are built into one Framework which saves us from writing more coding. Framework means that all Functions are readymade. Looking at how many examples we have given below will give you an idea of a framework. I think looking at this blog will give you an idea of how to use Framework and what is Framework.

For example, in the 3 Idiots movie, it is said that what is a machine? The work that makes a man’s work easier is a machine, then the work like this example is the work of a framework that makes the core programming easier.


Suppose in those days when there was no fan, you would have to blow the fan air by hand or keep one person to eat the fan air. When the fan came, there was no need to keep people. The same is in the framework.

If you create software and need to convert a string value to an integer, you will not easily convert to two lines. So this is not a future that a client wants but a client that wants a future that you have to write the function string to integer or integer to string to complete it. So this is our external coding Headache. It is not the client’s requirement, but to fulfill the client’s requirement, a function must be created then the client’s requirement can be created. So there are all sorts of things that framework gives us readymade.

Advantages of the Framework

  • One term is used here ( Re-usability ). Re-usability means that once it is defined, it needs to be viewed many times, it does not need to be written or a headache.
  • The database has a ready config File.
  • Framework saves developers from writing unnecessary code.
  • There are Functions made up of Frameworks.

Let us now look at some Examples of Frameworks.

Popular Frameworks:-





Laravel, PHP, and the CodeIgniter are on the back and the framework so this is the structure of these 3 that runs on the PHP server-side so this is the backend Framework.

While Bootstrap is a front-end framework as it is a CSS Framework.


Learn more on how to install Bootstrap and how to use a class on the more button


Click on the More button below to learn what a CodeIgniter is and how to use it.

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