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How to Create a Table of Contents in WordPress with a Plugin

Today in this blog we will learn how to create a table of contents in WordPress with a plugin.

Many plugins are available for table of contents add kernel but we will look at the “Easy Table of Contents.” plugin. Let’s see how to add this plugin.

To add a table of contents in WordPress, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:- Install and activate a table of contents plugin, such as “Table of Contents Plus” or “Easy Table of Contents.”

Step 2:- Once the plugin is activated, go to your WordPress post editor and click on the location where you want to insert the table of contents.

Step 3:- Click on the “Add Table of Contents” button provided by the plugin. This will generate a shortcode for the table of contents.


Step 4:- Customize the appearance and behavior of the table of contents using the settings provided by the plugin. For example, you can choose the heading levels to include in the table of contents, whether to display numbers or bullets, and whether to collapse subheadings.

Step 5:- Save your changes and preview the post to ensure the table of contents works correctly.

Step 6:- Publish your post and enjoy your new table of contents!

How to create a Table Of Contents in WordPress without Plugin and Custom Theme

Click Here To Add a Table Of Contents In WordPress Without Plugin And Custom Theme

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