How to Disable Mouse Right Click in Website

Welcome, today we see How to Disable Mouse Right Click in Website.

Friends, if you write articles for your website or make your website by doing very hard coding, then do you want someone else to copy your article and put it on his website, I know that you work hard to create an article. We do. Write or customize your website then you don’t feel like giving your work to someone else for free.

Friends, in the Internet world, millions of people are doing copy-paste work every day, their job is to waste the hard work of others. Such people keep looking for articles from here and there and if found, copy and post them on their website. While this does not harm you, you should keep your website completely secure by your side so that no one else can do it.

Friends, it was discussed above that if the content has already been copied from your website, then how do you have to get it removed from the search engine. And if the content has not yet been copied from your website, then how do you protect your content from being copied in the future. So for that, whether you are using WordPress or Blogger, you have to enter a small JavaScript code and turn off the right-click button of the mouse so that no one can steal the content from your website or Say that the content could not be copied.

Here I will not tell you that this will completely protect your website, but yes I will definitely say that this will reduce the chances of copying the content from your website a bit. Because when we put the context menu code in our website, then right-click button will stop working for the visitors and no visitor will be able to copy the content from your website.


   return false;

Note:- If you want to put this code on the All page then one. js file, it will bind right-click in all the pages. If you want to do a particular one page then copy and paste this code on top of the body.

How to Hide Inspect In Website

The code above will hide your inspect button. put it on your website.

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