How To Solve Error: MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly.

Today we will learn how to solve Error: MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly. Follow some steps then we can solve this error.

Step 1: Open your XAMPP Folder then Click MySQL Folder

where you must have installed XAMPP you should go
Open your XAMPP folder and then click on MySQL folder

Step 2: Rename the data Folder

Inside the MySQL folder, you will see a folder named Data, you have to rename it, I have given the name data_old here.

Note: You can name the data folder whatever you want.

Step 3: Create new data Folder

Now again we will create a new folder named data.

Step 4: Open backup Folder then Copy all File and Folder

Copy all files and folders from within the backup folder.

Step 5: Paste the Copy File into the new Folder Named data

Paste the copied files and folders in the folder named data.

Step 6: Open your data_old Folder then Copy the Folder and File. (skipping the mysql, performance_schema and phpmyadmin folders).

Open the data_old name you gave and copy all file and folder by skipping 3 folders

Step 7: Copy File and Paste the Folder to the New data Folder

Paste what you copied in the folder in named data.

Step 8: Restart your System.

Finally your error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly resolved the error.
You restart your xampp server or restart the system.

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