WordPress Theme and Plugin why Can’t install?

In this blog, we will see why WordPress theme and plugin cannot be installed and fix this error.

Installation failed: Could not create directory. How to Fixed this error?

Could not create directory. To correct this error we will need to open your WordPress Cpanel. You will get an idea after seeing each item outlined step by step below. How to fix this (Installation failed: Could not create directory.)

1. Open your WordPress Cpanel and go to File Manager.

Login to your WordPress Cpanel then scrolls down to the page where you will see the file manager (click).

2. Go to Public_html File.

Open the public_html file in CPanel.

3. Open Wp-Content Folder.

Open the public HTML and then open the Wp-Content folder.

4. Delete Plugin Folder.

Right-click on the plugin folder and click the Delete button.

5. Create a New Folder named Plugins.

Create a folder named Plugin by clicking on the + folder that appears at the top in Cpanel.

6. Open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugin Install.

Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugin Install and add a new plugin and install any plugin. Now your error is solved.

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