How to Create Child Theme in WordPress

In this blog, we will show you how to create a child theme in WordPress with the help of a plugin.

Do you want to create a child theme in WordPress?

Once you learn the basics of WordPress, you probably want to learn how to optimize your WordPress site. Child themes are a great starting point for anyone looking to customize a WordPress theme.

How to Create Child Theme in WordPress

Step1: Install Child Theme Configurator Plugin

To create a child theme in WordPress, first you need to install the Theme Configurator plugin.

If you do not know how to install plugin in WordPress then you can see in my previous blog that how to install theme in WordPress I will give its URL in below link.

how to install theme in WordPress

Install Child Theme Configurator Plugin then activate this plugin.

Step2: Click on Tools Dropdown Button

Go to WordPress Dashboard and then click on Tools dropdown button in WordPress sidebar

Now you will see child theme option add in your tools dropdown button and now click on it.

Step3: Select a Parent Theme then Click Analyze Button

Select the parent theme of the theme you want to make a child theme and then click on the Analyze button

Step4: Create New Child Theme Button

Copy menus, widgets, and other customizer settings from the parent theme to the child theme: Click the checkbox.

Click Create New Child Theme Button.

Now we will go to our WordPress dashboard and check the Jake theme in the theme in Appearance, the parent theme will have become its child theme.

Why is a WordPress Child Theme Demanded?

A child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits the functionality, features, and style of another WordPress theme, the parent theme. You can also customize the child theme without making any changes to the parent theme.

Child themes are a stylish way to customize WordPress themes as they save time and hassle. Introductory themes have a lot of formatting and functionality first, so you don’t have to decode everything since morning.

They also make it safe to modernize your WordPress theme. Since you modified the child theme, not the parent, you don’t lose any customizations when you modernize the parent theme.

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