First Post in WordPress | How to Publish the First Post in WordPress

First Post Publish in WordPress

Today we will learn step by step in this blog how to publish the first post in WordPress. First open the WordPress dashboard and click on the new post and then enter the paragraph and add one or two images to make our article more attractive then right side. Insert the related tag in the sidebar and select the category.
There will be a publish button at the top. Click on it so that your first WordPress post will be published. You know the details so I have given a step by step demo below.

This is very simple , First start your localhost xampp server start Apache and MySQL. now open your WordPress wp-admin page open and follow me.

If you login to the WordPress WP-Admin page, you will see this page.

this is wordpress dashboard

If you login to the WordPress WP-Admin page, you will see this page
Now move the cursor point over the posts in the sidebar then a drop-down menu will open then click on add new

Now you are seeing the backend of the post ad on your screen. Now title the ad first then write the paragraph below.

Now you see the Publish button on the right side. Now click on it.

Now you see the link on the right side of My First Page. Now click on it.


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