The <br> tag in markup language document is employed to form a line break in an exceedingly text.

It is usually employed in literary composition or address wherever the division of line is critical. it’s Associate in Nursing empty tag, which implies it doesn’t want an organization of finish tag. If you place the <br> tag within the markup language code, then it works an equivalent as pressing the enter key in an exceedingly word processing system.

Note:- do not use <br> tag for the margin between 2 paragraphs, use CSS margin property instead.

Difference between markup language <br> and </br>.

You can use markup language br tag 2 ways: br or </br> . it’s counseled to use closed <br> tag </br> as a result of it’s supported in markup language and XHTML each.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>HTML Br tag </title>
<h1>The HTML Br Tag</h1>

<p>this is a Br tag Example <br> You are learn with <br>Myprograming </p>


HTML Br tag

The HTML Br Tag

this is a Br tag Example
You are learn with

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