Language ISO Codes

ISO 639 could be a set of international standards that lists short codes for language names. the subsequent could be a complete list of three-letter codes outlined partly 2 (ISO 639-2) of the quality,[1] as well as the corresponding two-letter (ISO 639-1) codes wherever they exist.

Where 2 ISO 639-2 codes area unit given within the table, the one with the asterisk is that the listing code (B code) and also the different is that the word code (T code).p

  • Entries within the Scope column distinguish:
    • individual language
    • collections of languages connected, for instance genetically or by region
    • macrolanguages.
  • The Type column distinguish:
    • ancient languages (extinct since ancient times);
    • historical languages (distinct from their fashionable form);
    • extinct languages in recent times;
    • constructed languages.

The following may be a draft list of language code correspondences between ISO codes, Microsoft codes, and Macintosh codes. The supply of this info is Unicode association.

Language Codes: ISO 639, Microsoft

Language ISO Code Windows Name Win Code
Abkhazian ab
Afar aa
Afrikaans af LANG_AFRIKAANS 0x36
Albanian sq LANG_ALBANIAN 0x1c
Amharic am (no constant defined) 0x5e
Arabic ar LANG_ARABIC 0x01
Armenian hy LANG_ARMENIAN 0x2b
Assamese as LANG_ASSAMESE 0x4d
Aymara ay
Azerbaijani az LANG_AZERI 0x2c
Bashkir ba
Basque eu LANG_BASQUE 0x2d
Bengali (Bangla) bn LANG_BENGALI 0x45
Bhutani dz
Bihari bh
Bislama bi
Breton br
Bulgarian bg LANG_BULGARIAN 0x02
Burmese my (no constant defined) 0x55
Byelorussian (Belarusian) be LANG_BELARUSIAN 0x23
Cambodian km (no constant defined) 0x53
Catalan ca LANG_CATALAN 0x03
Cherokee (no constant defined) 0x5c
Chinese (Simplified) zh LANG_CHINESE (SUBLANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED) 0x04 (0x0804)
Chinese (Traditional) zh LANG_CHINESE (SUBLANG_CHINESE_TRADITIONAL) 0x04 (0x0404)
Corsican co
Croatian hr LANG_CROATIAN 0x1a
Czech cs LANG_CZECH 0x05
Danish da LANG_DANISH 0x06
Divehi LANG_DIVEHI 0x65
Dutch nl LANG_DUTCH 0x13
Edo (no constant defined) 0x66
English en LANG_ENGLISH 0x09
Esperanto eo
Estonian et LANG_ESTONIAN 0x25
Faeroese fo LANG_FAEROESE 0x38
Farsi fa LANG_FARSI 0x29
Fiji fj
Finnish fi LANG_FINNISH 0x0b
French fr LANG_FRENCH 0x0c
Frisian fy (no constant defined) 0x62
Fulfulde (no constant defined) 0x67
Galician gl LANG_GALICIAN 0x56
Gaelic (Scottish) gd (no constant defined) 0x3c (0x043c)
Gaelic (Manx) gv
Georgian ka LANG_GEORGIAN 0x37
German de LANG_GERMAN 0x07
Greek el LANG_GREEK 0x08
Greenlandic kl
Guarani gn (no constant defined) 0x74
Gujarati gu LANG_GUJARATI 0x47
Hausa ha (no constant defined) 0x68
Hawaiian (no constant defined) 0x75
Hebrew he, iw* LANG_HEBREW 0x0d
Hindi hi LANG_HINDI 0x39
Hungarian hu LANG_HUNGARIAN 0x0e
Ibibio (no constant defined) 0x69
Icelandic is LANG_ICELANDIC 0x0f
Igbo (no constant defined) 0x70
Indonesian id, in* LANG_INDONESIAN 0x21
Interlingua ia
Interlingue ie
Inuktitut iu (no constant defined) 0x5d
Inupiak ik
Irish ga (no constant defined) 0x3c (0x083c)
Italian it LANG_ITALIAN 0x10
Japanese ja LANG_JAPANESE 0x11
Javanese jv
Kannada kn LANG_KANNADA 0x4b
Kanuri (no constant defined) 0x71
Kashmiri ks LANG_KASHMIRI 0x60
Kazakh kk LANG_KAZAK 0x3f
Kinyarwanda (Ruanda) rw
Kirghiz ky LANG_KYRGYZ 0x40
Kirundi (Rundi) rn
Konkani LANG_KONKANI 0x57
Korean ko LANG_KOREAN 0x12
Kurdish ku
Laothian lo (no constant defined) 0x54
Latin la (no constant defined) 0x76
Latvian (Lettish) lv LANG_LATVIAN 0x26
Limburgish ( Limburger) li
Lingala ln
Lithuanian lt LANG_LITHUANIAN 0x27
Macedonian mk LANG_MACEDONIAN 0x2f
Malagasy mg
Malay ms LANG_MALAY 0x3e
Malayalam ml LANG_MALAYALAM 0x4c
Maltese mt (no constant defined) 0x3a
Maori mi
Marathi mr LANG_MARATHI 0x4e
Moldavian mo
Mongolian mn LANG_MONGOLIAN 0x50
Nauru na
Nepali ne LANG_NEPALI 0x61
Norwegian no LANG_NORWEGIAN 0x14
Occitan oc
Oriya or LANG_ORIYA 0x48
Oromo (Afan, Galla) om (no constant defined) 0x72
Papiamentu (no constant defined) 0x79
Pashto (Pushto) ps (no constant defined) 0x63
Polish pl LANG_POLISH 0x15
Portuguese pt LANG_PORTUGUESE 0x16
Punjabi pa LANG_PUNJABI 0x46
Quechua qu
Rhaeto-Romance rm (no constant defined) 0x17
Romanian ro LANG_ROMANIAN 0x18
Russian ru LANG_RUSSIAN 0x19
Sami (Lappish) (no constant defined) 0x3b
Samoan sm
Sangro sg
Sanskrit sa LANG_SANSKRIT 0x4f
Serbo-Croatian sh
Sesotho st
Setswana tn
Shona sn
Sindhi sd LANG_SINDHI 0x59
Sinhalese si (no constant defined) 0x5b
Siswati ss
Slovak sk LANG_SLOVAK 0x1b
Slovenian sl LANG_SLOVENIAN 0x24
Somali so (no constant defined) 0x77
Spanish es LANG_SPANISH 0x0a
Sundanese su
Swahili (Kiswahili) sw LANG_SWAHILI 0x41
Swedish sv LANG_SWEDISH 0x1d
Syriac LANG_SYRIAC 0x5a
Tagalog tl (no constant defined) 0x64
Tajik tg (no constant defined) 0x28
Tamazight (no constant defined) 0x5f
Tamil ta LANG_TAMIL 0x49
Tatar tt LANG_TATAR 0x44
Telugu te LANG_TELUGU 0x4a
Thai th LANG_THAI 0x1e
Tibetan bo (no constant defined) 0x51
Tigrinya ti (no constant defined) 0x73
Tonga to
Tsonga ts (no constant defined) 0x31
Turkish tr LANG_TURKISH 0x1f
Turkmen tk (no constant defined) 0x42
Twi tw
Uighur ug
Ukrainian uk LANG_UKRAINIAN 0x22
Urdu ur LANG_URDU 0x20
Uzbek uz LANG_UZBEK 0x43
Venda (no constant defined) 0x33
Vietnamese vi LANG_VIETNAMESE 0x2a
Volap?k vo
Welsh cy (no constant defined) 0x52
Wolof wo
Xhosa xh (no constant defined) 0x34
Yi (no constant defined) 0x78
Yiddish yi, ji* (no constant defined) 0x3d
Yoruba yo (no constant defined) 0x6a
Zulu zu (no constant defined) 0x35

Language Codes: ISO 639, Macintosh

Language ISO Code Mac Name Mac Code
Abkhazian ab
Afar aa
Afrikaans af langAfricaans 141
Albanian sq langAlbanian 36
Amharic am langAmharic 85
Arabic ar langArabic 12
Armenian hy langArmenian 51
Assamese as langAssamese 68
Aymara ay langAymara 134
Azerbaijani az langAzerbaijani(Cyrllic), langAzerbaijanAr(Arabic) 49(C), 50(A)
Bashkir ba
Basque eu langBasque 129
Bengali (Bangla) bn langBengali 67
Bhutani dz langDzongkha 137
Bihari bh
Bislama bi
Breton br langBreton 142
Bulgarian bg langBulgarian 44
Burmese my langBurmese 77
Byelorussian (Belarusian) be langByelorussian 46
Cambodian km langKhmer 78
Catalan ca langCatalan 130
Chewa langChewa 92
Chinese (Simplified) zh langSimpChinese 33
Chinese (Traditional) zh langTradChinese 19
Corsican co
Croatian hr langCroatian 18
Czech cs langCzech 38
Danish da langDanish 7
Dutch nl langDutch 4
English en langEnglish 0
Esperanto eo langEsperanto 94
Estonian et langEstonian 27
Faeroese fo langFaeroese 30
Farsi fa langFarsi, langPersian 31
Fiji fj
Finnish fi langFinnish 13
Flemish langFlemish 34
French fr langFrench 1
Frisian fy
Galician gl langGalician 140
Gaelic (Scottish) gd langScottishGaelic 144
Gaelic (Manx) gv langManxGaelic 145
Georgian ka langGeorgian 52
German de langGerman 2
Greek el langGreek (monotonic), langGreekPoly (polytonic) 14(m), 148(p)
Greenlandic kl
Guarani gn langGuarani 133
Gujarati gu langGujarati 69
Hausa ha
Hebrew he, iw* langHebrew 10
Hindi hi langHindi 21
Hungarian hu langHungarian 26
Icelandic is langIcelandic 15
Indonesian id, in* langIndonesian 81
Interlingua ia
Interlingue ie
Inuktitut iu langInuktitut 143
Inupiak ik
Irish ga langIrishGaelic (normal), langIrishGaelicScr (dots above) 35, 146
Italian it langItalian 3
Japanese ja langJapanese 11
Javanese jv langJavaneseRom 138
Kannada kn langKannada 73
Kashmiri ks langKashmiri 61
Kazakh kk langKazakh 48
Kinyarwanda (Ruanda) rw langKiryarwanda (langRuanda) 90
Kirghiz ky langKirghiz 54
Kirundi (Rundi) rn langRundi 91
Korean ko langKorean 23
Kurdish ku langKurdish 60
Laothian lo langLao 79
Latin la langLatin 131
Latvian (Lettish) lv langLatvian 28
Limburgish (Limburger) li
Lingala ln
Lithuanian lt langLithuanian 24
Macedonian mk langMacedonian 43
Malagasy mg langMalagasy 93
Malay ms langMalayRoman(Latin), langMalayArabic(Arabic) 83(L), 84(A)
Malayalam ml langMalayalam 72
Maltese mt langMaltese 16
Maori mi
Marathi mr langMarathi 66
Moldavian mo langMoldavian 53
Mongolian mn langMongolian(Mongolian), langMongolianCyr(Cyrillic) 57(M), 58(C)
Nauru na
Nepali ne langNepali 64
Norwegian no langNorwegian 9
Occitan oc
Oriya or langOriya 71
Oromo (Afan, Galla) om langOromo (langGalla) 87
Pashto (Pushto) ps langPashto 59
Polish pl langPolish 25
Portuguese pt langPortuguese 8
Punjabi pa langPunjabi 70
Quechua qu langQuechua 132
Rhaeto-Romance rm
Romanian ro langRomanian 37
Russian ru langRussian 32
Sami (Lappish) langSami (langLappish) 29
Samoan sm
Sangro sg
Sanskrit sa langSanskrit 65
Serbian sr langSerbian 42
Serbo-Croatian sh
Sesotho st
Setswana tn
Shona sn
Sindhi sd langSindhi 62
Sinhalese si langSinhalese 76
Siswati ss
Slovak sk langSlovak 39
Slovenian sl langSlovenian 40
Somali so langSomali 88
Spanish es langSpanish 6
Sundanese su langSundaneseRom 139
Swahili (Kiswahili) sw langSwahili 89
Swedish sv langSwedish 5
Tagalog tl langTagalog 82
Tajik tg langTajiki 55
Tamil ta langTamil 74
Tatar tt langTatar 135
Telugu te langTelugu 75
Thai th langThai 22
Tibetan bo langTibetan 63
Tigrinya ti langTigrinya 86
Tonga to langTongan 147
Tsonga ts
Turkish tr langTurkish 17
Turkmen tk langTurkmen 56
Twi tw
Uighur ug langUighur 136
Ukrainian uk langUkrainian 45
Urdu ur langUrdu 20
Uzbek uz langUzbek 47
Vietnamese vi langVietnamese 80
Volap?k vo
Welsh cy langWelsh 128
Wolof wo
Xhosa xh
Yiddish yi, ji* langYiddish 41
Yoruba yo
Zulu zu

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