The body tag is the most important tag in HTML.

Your body element seems after the general mind element on the page. It must include most of the content of the web page: text, images, and so on. All web pages have 1 solitary human body, except for frameset pages, that incorporate frame elements alternatively.

<body> Place your Content Writen here……..</body>  


<!DOCTYPE html>  
 <title>HTML Body Tag</title>  
 <h2>Example of HTML body tag</h2>  
 <p>This paragraph is written between the body tag</p>  


HTML Body Tag

Example of HTML body tag

This paragraph is written between the body tag


The HTML tag also supports the following additional attributes.

  • alink
  • background
  • bgcolor
  • link
  • text
  • vlink
  • onload
  • onunload
  • onfocus
  • onblur

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