How to Run the first Program in Python | How the Python will work

Today, we will see how Python will work, and we will teach you how to run the program easily. When installing Python, CPython by default is installed, let us see by running a small program in Python.

There are different types of Python such as CPython for c language, JPython for java etc. but when we install python CPython is installed by default.

There are different ways to run a Python program. I’ll show you how to run a program one by one. Let’s get started.

Python Methods…

(Note : When you install Python you will see the files shown above)

Method 1:- The first way to run a Python program

Step 1:- Open Python IDLE

Python IDLE

(Note : You can also create a new file by clicking on the New File button and write the code in it and run the code by pressing the F5 key to run that code.)

Step 2:- Print Hello World

Print in Python IDE

Method 2:- Second way to run the Python program

Step 1:- Open Python manual and print Hello World

Manually python run…

(Note : You can run a Python program by typing Python at a command prompt(CMD))

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