How to Download Python | How to Install Python?

Hello, how are you guys Today we will learn how to download and install Python?

First, we have to learn how to download Python and then run it on the system. First, we have to go to Google and search for Python download and then we will see a lot of links from the original Python website. Click here and I will teach you today how to download it. Let’s see how to download Python and install it.

Step 1:- So first we go to Google and download Python Should search


Step 2:- The first link after searching on Google is to click on

Click to First link

Step 3:- After clicking on the link, you will open the Python download page and there will be a download button, click on it and your Python will be downloaded.

Python now downloaded

Step 4:- After downloading Python, to see how to install it, first, downloaded the Python.exe file and open it.

Python.exe Setup

Step 5:- After opening the Python.exe setup file you will see two options from which you have to click on customize installation.

Click to Customize installation

Step 6:- After clicking on customize installation you will see a window of optional features. We have to click on the Next button

Click to next button

Step 7:- After clicking on the Next button, you will see the advanced options window. You have to set it as shown below and click on the install button then your Python will be downloaded.

Finally install the Python…..

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