How to Learning 2021 CodeIgniter Framework For Beginners

Today we have learned how to install CodeIgniter Framework and how to setup it. In this blog we have learned the latest version of CodeIgniter v4.1.3. Here you will be explained step by step very thing below I think you will see this blog on how to install and setup.

The CodeIgniter is a framework of PHP.

CodeIgniter is a framework

What is the Framework?

Using a built-in library is a framework.

The CodeIgniter shows some of the things you should know about fluency.

This instructional exercise is intended to acquaint you with the CodeIgniter4 structure and thusly the essential standards of MVC design. It will show you how a fundamental CodeIgniter application is inherent a bit by bit style.

In case you are new to PHP, we suggest that you look at the W3Schools PHP instructional exercise prior to proceeding.

In this instructional exercise, you’ll make an essential news application. You start by composing code that can stack static pages. Then, you will create a news area that peruses news things from the information base. At long last, you will add a structure to make news things in the information base.

This tutorial will mainly focus on:

  • Model-view-controller basics
  • Routing basics
  • Form validation
  • Performing basic database queries using the coder’s “Query Builder”.

This total instructional exercise is isolated into a few pages, each clarifying a little piece of the usefulness of the CodeIgniter system. You go to the accompanying pages:

  • Presentation, this page gives an outline of what you expect and your default application is downloaded and dispatched.
  • Fixed pages, which can show you the essentials of regulators, sees and directing.
  • News segment, where you begin utilizing models and play out some fundamental information base activities.
  • Make news things, which can present further developed data set tasks and structure approval.
  • Ends, which will give you a few focuses on additional perusing and different assets.

Appreciate investigating your CodeIgniter structure.

How to Download CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter Framework Download You can go and download the latest version at


Click Download Link

How to Setup CodeIgniter Framework?

How to setup the CodeIgniter framework First extract the zip file you installed and cut and paste the folder into the HTDOCS folder of your XAMPP folder.

Step1:- EXTRACT the downloaded zip file. cut this folder and paste it into the under Htdocs folder of your XAMPP folder.

Paste In your HTDOCS Folder

Step2:- Click Public Folder.

Step3:- Output Ready But Some Error show How To Fixed this error???

We seem to have hit a snag. Please try again later… How To Fixed This Error?

This is very simple. Just open your xampp server and go to Apache configuration settings then click on the PHP(php.ini) file. And enter (extension = intel) and and save the file. Then restart Apache and go to your page.

Step1:- Open the XAMPP control panel and click on the config button of Apache. Now open the PHP(php.ini) File.

Step2:- extension=intl enter PHP(php.ini) File and save This File. Then restart apache.

Step3:- CodeIgniter Output.

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