How to Install WordPress?

How to Install WordPress Setup in localhost server?

WordPress Installation and how to set up Configuration?

First, Download and Extract files from the latest version of WordPress. and please start your xampp server and rename this folder name as an example and move your folder to your localhost server folder location xampp/htdocs/example. now open localhost/PHPMyAdmin and create a new database (database name is an example). now open a new tab and enter your localhost/example and select your language and click the continue button. now click the let’s go button. first, feel your database name (for Example your database name). second-line feel your username root (username always root).
The third line password always black. forth and line no changes. directly click submit button. and now click Run the installation button now successfully install WordPress and set up configuration.

More details information

WordPress installation

Step 1:-

Download and Extract WordPress files

Step 2:-

Open this Folder and Rename Folder Name ( example ).

Step 3:-

Move your Folder to your localhost Server folder location xampp/htdocs/example.

Step 4:-

Open localhost/phpmyadmin and Create a new Database.

Step 5:-

Now open new tab and enter your localhost/example

Step 6:-

Select your language and click the Continue button.

Step 7:-

Now click the let’s go Button.

Step 8:-

Enter your Database and Username last click Submit button.

Step 9:-

Click Run the Installation Button now successfully install WordPress and set up Configuration.

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