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What is Div Tag???

Div Tag Learning Full Details

The Div Tag is understood because of the Division tag. The div tag is employed in Hypertext Mark-up Language to form divisions of content within the web content (text, images, header, footer, navigation bar, etc).

Div Tag has each open <div> and shutting </div> tag and it’s obligatory to shut the tag. The Div is that the most North American national tag in internet development as a result of it helps us to filtrate knowledge within the web content and that we will produce specific|a specific|a selected} section for particular knowledge or practicality within the sites.

  • The div tag is Block level tag
  • It is a generic instrumentation tag
  • It is accustomed to the cluster of assorted tags of hypertext mark-up language in order that sections will be created and magnificence will be applied to them.

As we all know Div tag may be a block-level tag during this example div tag contains the complete dimension. it’ll be displayed a div tag every time on a replacement line, not on an equivalent line.


As we all know div tag is employed for grouping HTML parts along and is to use CSS and internet layout on them Let’s see the below example while not victimization div tag. we’d like to apply CSS for every tag (in the instance victimization H1 H2 and 2 paragraphs p tags).

<!DOCTYPE html>
		text-align: center;
		padding: 15px;
		border:2px solid #f3f3f3;
<h1>Div Tag</h1>

<div>div tag 1</div>
<div>div tag 2</div>
<div>div tag 3</div>
<div>div tag 4</div>



What is Div Tag?

The hypertext markup language <div> tag is employed to cluster the big section of hypertext markup language components along.

We know that each tag incorporates a specific purpose e.g. p tag is employed to specify paragraph, <h1> to <h6> tag square measure wont to specify headings however the <div> tag is simply sorted of an instrumentation unit that is employed to encapsulate different page components and divides the hypertext markup language documents into sections.

The div tag is usually utilized by net developers to cluster hypertext markup language components along and apply CSS designs to several components promptly. For example: If you wrap a collection of paragraph components into a div part therefore you’ll take the advantage of CSS designs and apply font vogue to all or any paragraphs promptly rather than committal to writing a similar vogue for every paragraph part.

Why does Div Tag use in HTML?

Most unremarkably, you’ll use the Div part to cluster sections of code that you simply need to focus on with CSS. you’ll vogue them to appear totally different from alternative sections on the page, or to position them otherwise. you’ll additionally use a div and language attribute to alter the language of a specific section on the page.

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