How to add Google Map Location in HTML

Google Map add in HTML Page

How to add a Google Map to your HTML page is very easy first create an HTML structure and now go to your web browser and search google map then click this link then we are seeing a new web page open after searching your map location address. after the new page opens then click the share button and wait for progress then after click Embed a map button then open new page then click the COPY HTML button. then open your HTML page and paste here your COPY HTML code. then open your browser and see the output.
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We are learning how to add Google Map adding in an HTML page so please follow my basic steps:-

STEP1:- Create a Normal HTML page. Just Create HTML Structure.

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>google map</title>
<h1>google map add in HTML page</h1>

<!------paste here copy HTML code------------->


STEP2:- Open your and Search Google Map

STEP3:- Click This link

STEP4:- Search your Map location here

STEP5:- Now Click Share Button

STEP6:- Then Click embed a map button

STEP7:- Click Copy HTML link

STEP8:- Paste here your copy HTML code


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