In this blog we will see how to change the WordPress header. The WordPress header can be customized or replaced by a plugin. How to make a WordPress header sticky top or how to make a header fix top. Below you will find everything shown step by step so you will come up with an idea.

How to Create a Sticky Header in WordPress with Plugin?

To Create a Sticky Header in WordPress with the plugin, add this ( Floating Notification Bar, Sticky Menu on Scroll, and Sticky Header for Any Theme – myStickymenu ) plugin.
I will explain to you step by step how to create sticky header in WordPress using this plugin

Step 1:- Open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Add New Plugin and install a plugin called New myStickymenu.

Step 2:- Hover over myStickymenu in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and click on sticky menu settings.

Step 3:- When the myStickymenu page opens, go to Sticky Class and select one of the menus.

Note: – If selecting Sticky menu in some theme does not happen then selecting proper id – That is to copy and paste that id.

Why the myStickymenu Plugin Doesn’t Work?

If MyStickymenu plugin does not work in some theme then proper copy and paste of that menu (header) id so that myStickymenu plugin works.

Below is shown step by step where to copy the id and where to paste it.
Looking at it, you will know how to use MyStickymenu plugin.

Step1:- Open your website and right click on the mouse and click on Inspect.

Step2:- Get the ID of the menu sticky menu and copy it.

Step3:- Go to My Sticky Menu Settings and paste the copied ID in Sticky Class.

Note:- Copy only the id of the header which is to be made sticky header

How to Top (Fixed) Header in WordPress?

You can also create a top (static) header in WordPress with the plugin and also do custom edit. The example shown above is done with the plugin.
Now you can see where to make custom changes.

Open your WordPress dashboard and move the cursor to Appearance in the sidebar and go to Customize and click on Additional CSS where you enter your custom code.

Step1:- Go to your Dashboard And click Customize.

Step2:- Go to Additional CSS and Write Custom CSS Code.

How to hide header in WordPress?

You can write custom code here by copying the id of the header you want to hide by going to additional css as shown in step 2 above.

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