How to install WordPress in a live server in an online cPanel?

This blog is very important. Today we will learn how to Install WordPress Online in this blog. I have explained how to install WordPress online in 9 steps which will help you to install WordPress on a live server and create a WordPress website.

There are many questions which are as follows

  • How to install WordPress in CPanel
  • WordPress Online How to Create a WordPress Website?
  • How to Install a WordPress Theme?
  • How to Set up a WordPress Online?

You will find the answers to all these questions in this blog, how to install Live WordPress in Cpanel and how to create your own website in WordPress. Everything is shown below step by step. Also, you can work in WordPress online.

Step 1:- Buy Domain and Hosting.

To create a WordPress online website you first need to have a domain and hosting I have a domain name here (

Buy Domain Name

Step 2:- Open Your cPanel.

Login Your Cpanel

Step 3:- Scroll on This Page and Click Softaculous Apps Installer.

Log in and this page will open. Now scroll down and Softaculous Apps Installer. Click on this link

Scroll on This Page
Click Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step 4:- Install WordPress.

Click the Install Button

Step 5:- Select WordPress Latest Version.

Select WordPress Latest Version

Step 6:- Enter the Admin Username and Password.

Enter the admin username and password

Step 7:- Select one Theme.

Note:- Here I have selected the Financy theme. You can do whatever you want.

Select One Theme

Step 8:- Click the Install Button.

Enter the mail in which you want to view the WordPress update and click the Install Button.

Click Install Button

Step 9:- Install Wait for 100%, then your WordPress will be installed

WordPress Installation Done

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