HTML <ins> Tag

The HTML <ins> Tag is used to show newly added text in an HTML document. It usually renders with underlined text and can be modified using the CSS property.

The <ins> Tag is more useful when the <del> Tag is used because it represents the part of the text that the <del> Tag has truncated and the <ins> Tag represents the part of the document inserted into the document.

These <ins>….</ins> are written like ins in which the text is placed between the opening and closing tags.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>HTML ins tag</title>
<h1>HTML ins Tag Example</h1>
<p style="color:blue;">This <del>red</del> <ins>blue</ins> Color</p>
<p>If you will do <del>hard work </del> <ins>smart work</ins> then you will get success easily.</p>  


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