HTML <footer> Tag

HTML <footer> Tag is employed to outline a footer for a document or a vicinity. it’s usually utilized in the last of the section (bottom of the page).

The <footer> Tag is included in HTML5.

HTML <footer> Tag contains info concerning its containing components for example:

  • author info
  • contact info
  • copyright info
  • sitemap
  • back to prime links
  • related documents etc.

Note:- you’ll be able to have one or several footer components in one document.If you wish to place info like address, e-mail etc. concerning the author on your web content, all the relevant components ought to be enclosed into the footer component.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>HTML footer Tag</title>

  <h1>HTML footer Tag Example</h1>

<p>Posted by: Mr Khushal</p>  
<address> K-000 Naroda, Ahemdabad, 380006.  
<p>Contact info: 
<a href="tel:+918866851995">+91 886 685 1995</a>.  


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