How to Create Custom Template in WordPress For beginners?

What is Custom Template?

Custom template means we have to create a custom template in WordPress website by manually coding or designing it and if we want to show it from the template in WordPress, we have to create more details in the following paragraphs.

Today we will see how to add a Template in WordPress and how to create a new Template. Stay connected with all the mapping and learn how to create a custom template. It is very easy.
First, you go to your WordPress dashboard and see which of your themes is running then now you go to your folder where you have your WordPress folder open the themes folder where you were running, and create a new file in it for example ( custom.template.php). Now do the coding as seen in the design of this file and comment on the file and type the name of the template for example (/ * template name * /). Now again you go to your WordPress dashboard and select a new page. Now if the name of the page in it is like this, then it will work. Do it and publish it on foot or even if you do your work online this is how you have to do it I think you will find out in this mapping programming blog Thank you for reading….

Step1:- Open your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Theme.

Step2:- Check your active WordPress Theme.

Step3:-Now go to your WordPress Folder and click on wp-content then click on themes. Now open the Folder named the theme that was running in your WordPress website.

Step4:- Now create a new File in the Folder of this theme and name it for Example ( custom.template.php ). Create an HTML structure in this File by saving and create a form in it.

Step5:- Add a Template name to your newly created file by Commenting.

/* Template name */ or //

Step6:- Select the Jay Add new page on the WordPress dashboard again.

Step7:- Now give a Title name contact and go to the post attributes on the left and select the new template you created then publish this page.


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