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Today we will learn how to create a free WordPress website and create a website hosting and domain name for free.

InfinityFree WordPress Website Hosting

Hi, Friends First Open your Browser and go to then Search InfinityFree. we see a new page open then we are seeing this link

( ) Click the first link.

Now Follow Few Step and Build Your WordPress Website Free Free

Step1:- Click the Sign Up Now Button

Click Sign Button

Step2:- Create New Account

Create New Account

Then open new page we see create new account page open then we are creating a new account first enter your email address and enter Password and Confirm Password enter your password then all checkbox button click true now finally create a new account button click here.

Step3:- Verify your Email Address.

After creating a new account we are confirmed a Gmail account. then open your Gmail account and open infinity new meg and click
Verify Email Address button. then we are seeing a new web page Privacy then click AGREE button.

Click AGREE Button

Step4:- Create New Account

Click Create New Button and we are seeing open new web page then search Subdomain and Select Domain Extension after Click Search Domain Button.

Step5:- Create a Hosting Account

Know your subdomain available so also open a new tab Create a Hosting Account page. then enter Account Password and click checkbox button true then finally click Create Account button.

Step6:- Open Control Panel

Step7:- Click the I APPROVE Button.

Step8:- Click Softaculous Apps Installer

I Approve your Request and we are seeing a Cpanel page here now scroll this page after open Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step9:- Click WordPress and Create Software Setup

We see this page click WordPress then open new page this page click install button and scroll this page and create your user name and also create a password then now again scroll u want to auto WordPress theme to select one theme to wish directly click last install button.

Click WordPress
Install and Scroll This Page
Then Click Install Button
Wait For Installation

Step10:- Click WordPress has been successfully installed at:


Note:- Please note that it takes up to 72 hours for your domain name to start working. check out the new Gmail Meg.

Finally, your Free WordPress Website is ready….


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