How to learn html ..?lerar html by my programing

HTML input tag

HTML <input> tag Today we learn the most important input tags. We will see in the input tag how many properties are used and how many types are there. Let’s see some examples. HTML input All type here input varietiesHow an inputworks vary significantly betting on the worth of its kind attribute, thus the various …

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HTML address tag

HTML <address> tag The markup language tag is employed for indicating the associate address. The address typically renders in italic. Example:- output:- HTML address Tag 600 Wisdon Apartments Filmcity, Kondiura New Delhi – 50027

HTML abbr tag

HTML <abbr> Tag HTML tags are used to indicate abbreviations,For example, a big-name company uses the tag to shorten it and has a full whistle in the title. demo:- NCC : – National Cadet Corps. HTML : – Hypertext Markup Language. Example:- output:-

HTML doctype tag

HTML <!doctype> tag The hypertext mark-up language tag is employed for specifying that version of hypertext mark-up language the document is victimization. this is often observed because of the document sort declaration (DTD). NOTE:− The tag doesn’t have an associate finish tag!. Example:- output:- HTML < !doctype > tag doctype declaration is mentioned at the …

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HTML Comment tag

HTML <!—…..—> Comment tag The HTML comment tag is used to make the most important comment that will not appear on your HTML page, only the comment will be shown in your back end but not in the font. Example:- output:- This is Comment tag Note:- In the back end, you use the comment tag …

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