How to Download WordPress Old Version?

Today we will learn How to Download old Version of WordPress. Sometimes we need the old version of WordPress then we should know how to download the old version.

How to Download WordPress Old Version in live Website?

Below are the steps to download WordPress old version.

Go to on your WordPress Dashboard

login your WordPress admin panel and go to main Dashboard.

Download New Plugin

Go to your add new plugin then search new plugin. plugin name is ( WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version ).

Download WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version Plugin.

Now Install this Plugin and Activate this Plugin.

Go to Settings

Go to Settings and click WP Downgrade

Enter your WordPress Target Version

In the WordPress target version, enter the specific WordPress version you need.

This we will install WordPress 5.9 version.

Click Save Button

Click Up-/Downgrade Core Button

Click Re-install Version Button

Then click on install version button The version you have entered will be installed.

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